IDEM, IDNR and EPA Resources

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Catalog of Federal Funding for Watershed Protection

EPA Outreach Tool Box. A toolbox chuck full of stuff, it may take some digging around to find just what you are looking for, but to the dilignet come the rewards.

EPA Surf your watershed. Some data may be a bit dated, but there is a lot of consolidated information that may be helpful in watershed efforts, particularly who all is working in the watershed.

IDEM 205(j) Grants – Requirements

IDEM 205(j) Grants – Program Summaries

IDEM 319 Grants – Requirements

IDEM 319 Grants – Program Summaries

Indiana Drainage Handbook. I believe this is only available electonically now. Contains federal, state and local laws regarding drainage in Indiana.

Logjam Removal. Guidelines for removing debris from streams without needing a permit.


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