Posted by: indywatersheds | July 7, 2014

New Category Added – Rants

For some time now, there have not been many posts here. I seem to go in yearly spurts of inspiration but of late there are some things that have just continued to bug me. They bug me enough that I have returned to the keyboard to vent or rant a bit. Hence, the new Category.

The main thing that I have an issue with now is MAINTENANCE.

For some time I have participated in many watershed plans, projects and lots of meetings. We seem to always have the same questions at the end of the day. What is the water quality, is it improving? Are we doing any good? More fundamentally, is this worth the time and money? Does anyone really care?

Too often I think the fact is missed that best-practices need to exist over the long term to have an affect that will produce the desired water quality effect. Grant cycles (319) are short and by the time willing land owners are identified, the project is planned and approved, poof, the grant is over and it is time to move on.

Sound familiar …

I have some cases I am familiar with, which I will outline and perhaps start a dialog. Stay tuned.


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