Posted by: indywatersheds | May 19, 2011

Zionsville USGS Water Quality Data Available

The USGS gauge on Eagle Creek at Zionsville is back up providing data to the web. While most of the water quality parameters were being provided until the high water of February 28th took out a tree as well as the cabling to the gauge house, the nitrate monitor was having problems sending reliable data with any regularity. Continuing, or perhaps I should say continuous rains, kept the water level high so that the cabling between the monitoring instruments and gauge house could not be repaired until the creek went down.

USGS did order a newer type of nitrate monitor, which doesn’t have as many moving parts and therefore maintenance problems. Then we had the pending “government shutdown” that may have put a kink in the paperwork flow for the new nitrate monitor. All and all it has be a bumpy season both bureaucratically and with Mother Nature for the Zionsville gauge, but data for all eight parameters is available, real time on the web.

I believe this is the only USGS gauge in the state with this complete suite of water quality parameters being reported to the public.


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