Posted by: indywatersheds | February 11, 2010

Logjam Removal

While it is not the practice of this site to support/oppose particular legislation, this is a bit of an exception. If you click through the Resources tab to the IDEM, IDNR, EPA section there is a document on what the current requirements are to remove logjams without needing a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). If equipment is needed, then a permit is needed. This requirement is to protect the natural integrity of the stream and habitat.

A bill to drastically change this has passed the state House of Representatives and has moved to the state Senate. House Bill 1232 was assigned to the Natural Resources Committee. The long and short of the bill is to include “logjam removal” as an activity that does not require a permit from IDNR. “Logjam removal” is merely inserted into the Indiana Code, IC 14-28-1-22 as a construction activity in a stream that does not require a permit. Period.

Current rules provide for the type of equipment and how it is used, where the debris may be placed, how the site is restored and other critical details and practices. All of those requirements/restrictions are removed. Anything goes. Obviously this is not wise legislation to protect our water quality and natural resources. It would be good to follow the progress of HB 1232 in the state Senate and perhaps contact your state Senator and share your concerns.


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